Laurie's Universe

Welcome to Laurie’s universe

This website is an introduction to what I do (version Française).

By appointment *

Skype or WhatsApp


*energy treatment option available

One-on-one in person appointment

1st session: 60 min

Following sessions: between 5 to 10 sessions, 35 min each

One-on-one in-person appointment at my office (1h)

On-site or at your home session (3h minimum)

On-site small group session can also be coordinated (3h minimum)

1,5€ / minute

    • Simple Tarot draw 20€, avanced draw 40€, energy treatment : +20€ (in office only)
  • GCD first session 90€, following sessions 50€ each (completion ranges from 5-10 total sessions)
  • Stress management coaching 90€ (completion from 3-4 sessions)

Payment: PayPal or Wire Transfer prior to appointment