Etherapie™ session

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Etherapie™ Session

An Ethérapie™️ session is a dialogue between your cellular memory and your conscious mind made possible by an Ethérapie™️ practitioner. By the end of the consultation, the various causes of stress, malaise, and the roots of unhappiness are identified and reparative processes are put in place.

Etherapie™ expertise areas are:

  • How to (re)find meaning in Life

  • Remaining at your optimum capacities under competitive conditions (studies, management, sports)

  • Systemic steering (family system, company, ...)

  • Causality search and meaning (decoding)

  • Finding answers to metaphysical questions, …

The sessions can be done via zoom or at the office.

NB: The ebook introducing Etherapie™ for English speakers is available worldwide on each Amazon plateform. Here the link for the US' one already: or for also free on Etherapie™website