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Transpersonal Tarot-Therapy

I propose Transpersonal Tarot-Therapy sessions

It is an atypical, projective (not divinatory) tarot which allows your subconscious to express itself, and so your conscious & subconscious parts to be in synergy & cooperation. This allows you to make wise and proper decisions that are fair, suitable to your context, also positive and structuring for yourself and those around you.

It is a decision support and strategic positioning tool, whether for personal and / or professional topics, that allows you to access to more clarity, coherence (congruence) and simplicity.

My approach is based on ETHERAPIE™’s principles: holistic (from the Greek "holos": "whole", therefore considering the human being as a whole, in his global nature), non-dual, via biotesting, humanist, systemic (ecology for the whole system, by system we mean: family, business, friends environment, etc).

The session can be done remotely or at the office.

Tarot draw:- Decision making support- Understanding how it is playing in your lifeEither I draw or you do!